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Frequently Asked Questions

Eswatini You’ve Got Questions,Your Premier Butchery  Has Answers

Check out our most common inquiries we get at Beef Boys Butchery. If you have any further questions regarding one of our products or services, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you today.

Do you deliver?

We offer door to door deliveries for any of our customers that have a order larger than R 300.00

There are spesific instructions for our customers that live further away -

Mbanane customers need to place orders on a Monday and will collect their order from The Millin on Wednesday.

Big Bend & Mhlabanyatsi need to place orders before the 20th of each month and will receive delivery on the last Friday of each month.

What are your product guidelines?

With us you get to choose how you want your order packaged. This ensures our product is always exactly what our customers want.

Can I place a special order?

All orders are welcome. We will process and pack your order to your specific requirements.

What is the lead time for an order?

We ask our customers to always try and order at least a week before expected delivery, this way you never run the risk of not getting exactly what you ask for. 

We take the time to process the order, once your order is ready you are notified, and delivery takes place the following day.

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